[Boatanchors] I am a bit embarrassed with this question but

lmpicard lmpicard at rogers.com
Sat Mar 24 17:14:23 EDT 2012

I haven't used a scope in years but this little device looks interesting.

It has a 1 Mhz sample rate so it would not work for a 60 Mhz signal.  
 From your post, I would wonder if you are actually interested in 
looking at 60 Hz waveforms.

The device is only rated for 80 Volts peak-to-peak so it would not 
function out-of-the-box for the voltages you quote.  I don't know what 
sort of probes it will accept.  A 120 Volt rms sine wave signal is close 
to 170 Volts peak-to-peak.

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