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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at flham.net
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Vintage Ham Publications For Sale:

ARRL Handbooks

1984 - 61st edition
This one is in the larger format.
It looks close to new. $15

1985 - 62nd edition
This one is in the larger format. It has been "well used"
and has some loose pages, but I think they are all there.
The binding has duct tape on it, but the important info
is still there. $7

1988 - 65th edition - Hard bound
This one is a couple inches thick.
Very close to new condition. $22

1992 - 69th edition - Hard Bound
Several inches thick with a lot of information.
This one looks like new, except for a previous owner's
call sign on the inside cover. $22

ARRL Antenna Books:

These are the classic ARRL Antenna Books that have all
sorts of theory, antenna designs, and other very useful
information in them. Both are in excellent condition.

1974 - 13th edition
This one is in the smaller format. $10

1982 - 14th edition
This one is in the larger format. $12

Other Vintage ARRL Publications:

These are in the smaller 6.5 x 9.5 inch format.
Most have some very nice vintage ads in them.
All are very pristine, in close to new condition.

ARRL Radio Amateur's VHF Manual
1966, 11th edition, $12

ARRL Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur
1968, Close to new condition, Collectible.  $12

ARRL Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur
1970, Fifth edition, $12

ARRL Specialized Communications Techniques
1975, First Edition, $15

The next two are in the larger 8.5 x 11 inch format.

ARRL Understanding Amateur Radio
1977, no edition number listed, $8

ARRL Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, First edition $10

ARRL Books about Operating your ham station:

ARRL "Radio Amateurs Operating Manual"
2nd edition, $8
5th edition, over an inch thick, $12

ARRL "Operating an Amateur Radio Station"
1972 - 53rd edition $4
1976 - 57th edition $3
1978 - 58th edition $3
1983 - 61st edition $3

ARRL "Public Service Communications Manual"
1985 - 9th edition - $3
No date listed, $3

ARRL Amateur Radio Field Resources Directory
First edition, $7

CQ: The Packet Radio Operators Manual
By Buck Rogers, K4ABT, Close to new condition, $14

Vintage ARRL Licensing materials:

Check and see what the FCC tests were like in the past!

All books are in excellent condition, with some in very
close to new condition.

ARRL Tune in the World with Amateur Radio
1976, First Edition $3

ARRL Now You're Talking
1993, 2nd edition $10

ARRL Tech Q & A, 1997, First Edition $8

ARRL License Manuals - $3 each
1977, 76th edition, All classes
1984, 80th edition, All classes

Technician Class
1989, First Edition
1993, Second Edition

General Class
1989, First Edition

Advanced Class
1985, First Edition
1990, Third Edition
1996, Fourth Edition

Extra Class, 1988, Third edition

Vintage Ameco Ham Licensing Publications:

These are all Ameco Publications that are in
extremely nice, close to new, condition.

Ameco "Complete Technician Radio Amateur FCC Test Manual"
1992 $3

Ameco "General Class Radio Amateur FCC Test Manual"
1984, Like new $4
As above, but includes 1988 questions and answers $4

Ameco "Advanced Class Radio Amateur License Guide"
First Edition, 1981, like new $5

Ameco "Advanced Class Radio Amateur FCC Test Manual"
Copyright 1987, with added 1991 material
First Edition, Like New $6

Miscellaneous Licensing material:

General Class License Manual by Gordon West, WB6NOA
Second Edition - Like New - $3
Fifth Edition - Like new - $5

Upgrade to General Class by Don Stoner, W6TNS
1992 - $4

Advanced Class License Manual by Gordon West, WB6NOA
"New Edition" - Second Edition - 1995 - $4

Radio Amateur "Flying Horse" Callbooks:

All are in extremely nice condition, close to new.

1981 Foreign "DX" Callbook - $5

1994 International "DX" Callbook - $8

1995 North American "US" Callbook with over
700,000 listings, including Canadian - $10

Digital and Satellite Books:

Your Packet Companion by Steve Ford, WB8IMY
ARRL, 1995, First Edition, $5

The Radio Amateur's Digital Communications Handbook
By KR3T, J Mayo, Published by Tab, Hardback Book,
Like New, 208 pages, 1992, $12

The Packet Radio Operators Manual published by CQ
By Buck Rogers, K4ABT, 1995, Close to new condition, $12

Tab Books:
"Oscar: The Ham Radio Satellites"
by recent silent key Dave Ingram, K4TWJ
First Edition, Hardback, Like new, $14

FCC Rule Books and other ham publications:

ARRL "FCC Rulebook"
Seventh edition, $3
Eighth Edition, $4
As above, but "Newly Revised to include Codeless
.....Technician" - Like New, $6
13th edition $10

"Ham Operator Education Package" $4
"Rules and Regulations - Part 97 Amateur Radio Service"
Fourth Edition $3
17th Revised Edition $4

ARRL Public Service Communications
Ninth edition, $3
no edition number listed, but fairly recent $3

World Atlas, and DXCC List:

Radio Amateur World Atlas - 13th edition
Includes many different maps of the world with
ham prefixes on them.
Nice condition $8

ARRL DXCC Countries List
This is a large check list for working the various
countries, and also includes other information such
as prefixes, applications, etc. New condition $5

Ham CDs:

Set of Extra Class CDs
This is a set consisting of six CDs. I am not certain who
made them or where they came from, other than they came
from the drawer of a silent key. They simply say "Extra
Class, Volume 1", "Extra Class Volume 2", etc. on them.
$18 for the set of six.

ARRL Morse Code Exam
5 WPM version, sent at 15 WPM, but spaced for 5 WPM, with
750 hz tone $7

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF and VHF/UHF
antennas, etc.
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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