[Boatanchors] Request Comments for Audio Amplifier

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Wed Nov 7 08:07:05 EST 2012


Base connections:  2AJ

Filament:  5.0 volts at 2 amperes.

Voltage drop:  60 volts at 145 milliamperes DC, per section

Maximum DC output current:  120 milliamperes

Maximum peak inverse voltage:  1400 volts

RMS supply voltage per plate:  375 volts

Maximum peak current per plate:  375 milliamperes.


On Wed, 7 Nov 2012 05:42:58 +0000 William Morton <w_b_morton at hotmail.com>
> Hello All,
> Let me start by agreeing that this message is not radio related, but 
> I have a project in mind and found a design that looks interesting.  
> I am going to say it is at least somewhat in the realm of 
> boatanchors as it will weigh quite a bit when it is done.   
> The project is to build a stereo amplifier using 807 transmitting 
> tubes, 

 Substitute a 6004 
> rectifier for the 5U4GB and a 7193 tube for each half of the 6SN7 
> tubes shown.  My plan is for a direct substitution with no changes 
> to plate resistors, etc.
> Here are my questions for the group:  
> 1.  Can a 6004 handle the load?  I cannot seem to find much useful 
> information on the web regarding this tube compared to the wealth of 
> info for, say, the 5U4GB.  

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