[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: Bunch of Stuff Looking for a Home

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 00:49:59 EDT 2012

Hello All,
I have accumulated a box of stuff that is looking for a home.  Rather than bring some of it to the scrap yard, I figured I would ask the community in the hopes of finding a good home for the whole lot.  The list is below and I may add some more odds and ends depending on how much space is left within a USPS Large Flat Rate Box.
1.  Qty 2, Triad N-68X isolation transformer, open frame style.  Very clean except the white 'static shield' lead is clipped quite short.  All other leads are around 4 inches long.
2.  Triad F-45X transformer.  115 V primary; 24 V, 1 A Secondary.  Open frame style.  In excellent NOS condition, although the original box is not the prettiest.
3.  Qty 2, Gramer Transformer Corp Grade 1 Class A blocking transformer.  Pri 2-3 108 turns, sec 4-5 76 turns, tert 6-1 76 turns.  RMS test 1275 V.  Good condition, clean terminals.
4.  Qty 2, Vector cans with male octal plugs.  Look unused to me.
5.  Qty 1, relay enclosure?  11 pin male connector.  Base is 1 3/8" square and is 2" tall, not counting the length of the pins.  Clear plastic cover.
6.  Qty 1, DC-AC Stevens-Arnold Inc. DC-AC Chopper, number CD D-12.  Pulled from surplus laboratory equipment.  Octal base, quite clean but untested.
7.  Qty 1, Avco Mfg Corp, Crosley Div., power transformer.  TF4SX01EA.120 V, 60 CPS primary, 25.0 V 0.5 A secondary.  Looks unused.  1 7/8" square  base by 2 11/16" high, not counting bolts.  Mounting bolt pattern is about 1 3/8" square.
8.  Qty 1, Ohmite Variable transformer model VT2.  Mounted on a metal plate with a few switches and a large chicken head knob.  Unknown working condition.
9.  Qty 6, unknown small transformer with 4 leads.  Marked as '352-7224-2'.  Leads 1-2 measure ~27 DCR and 20 mH, leads 3-4 measure ~41 DCR and 37 mH.
10.  Qty 2, NXSA-43386  110 BB/28 antenna.  WWII aircraft antenna?
11.  Qty 2, plates with ceramic standoffs for high voltage rectifier sockets.  One plate has 2 4-pin ceramic sockets, the other plate has only 1 4-pin ceramic socket.

All of this ought to fit into a USPS Large Flat Rate Box. $17 should cover packing, gas, and shipping.  The stuff (and possibly more) goes to whoever speaks up first.  All I ask is that you consider how much it is worth to you and, if more than $16, donate the difference to a person/organization in need of some support.  Pay via PayPal to w_b_morton at hotmail.com.
Best Regards,

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