[Boatanchors] FS: B&W L-1000A

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Wed Sep 12 16:03:16 EDT 2012

For Sale a B&W L-1000A linear amplifier.  Uses a pair of 813's in parallel 
for around 6-700 watts PEP output on 80 through 10 meters.  Power supply and 
RF deck mounted in 14" table top rack cabinet.  The amplifier is dusty and 
needs a good cleaning.  The RF deck is complete, less tubes.  Both the 
filament transformer (for the 813's) and the blower work fine.  The power 
supply deck is grim.  The high voltage transformer and original rectifier 
filament transformer are gone.  The bridge rectifier (originally 4 each 816 
tubes) is gone and replaced by a full wave pair of 866A's (one 866 and one 
3B28) and then wired to use an external transformer.  About the only good 
thing about the power supply is the panel.  The cabinet is fine with just a 
little rust in the bottom but missing the rear cover.  The whole thing 
weighs about 90 pounds.  Because of the condition of the power supply, I 
don't mind splitting things up.  I would like $350 for the RF deck;  $75.00 
for the power supply deck; and $65 for the cabinet all plus shipping.  Email 
for pictures.  Sell all together for $400 if picked up; or $450 plus 
shipping if I have to pack it.

Thanks for looking,

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