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> If I remember correctly:
> The meter has an internal thermocouple
> There is an RF transformer/pickup loop in the box with the meter
> The pickup loop is a single turn in series with the rf to the antenna,  
> and a single turn near it to feed the meter

That's the ATC & AN/ART-13 that had that and possibly others.  The ARC Type
K-derived (ARA/ATA, SCR-274-N & AN/ARC-5) antenna relay had an external
thermocouple while the older Model D-derived equipment (SCR-A*-183/-283 and
GF/RU) used meters with an internal thermocouple in line with the antenna
lead in the transmitters.  Some Type K-derived equipment (I forget which)
had provisions for a remote meter although the only one I know of is in Mike
Hanz' display.

I have need of several RF ammeters for an assortment of planned projects and
the ARC thermocouples are relatively inexpensive plus allow the meter to be
away from the actual RF path itself hence the interest.

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