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> On 9/27/2012 6:25 AM, Michael Tauson wrote:
>> Yep, that's Mike Hanz's.  He's the owner of aafradio.org.  :-)
> The ownership is not at all clear - there are signs that it owns *me*.  
> I'm just a poorly paid employee (the only one, actually), occasionally 
> threatening to go on strike...but the management never listens to me...:-)

Huh?  Paid?  When did that happen?  I do sympathize about the management
part though.  That's why I retired from the college.  It was the only way I
was gonna get a raise.  

Which reminds me, the only thing I need for my SCR-274-N is the FT-225
modulator mount.  Er, I think so, anyway.  I'm pretty sure I have all the
connectors.  The SCR-A*-183 is still lacking a few bitzenpieces but it's
coming along.  I actually have a couple of VT-25s for the "real" Tx (but no
VT-52s) although a second Tx will be made operational with substitutes.  The
ATA/ARA and GF/RU are way back in the field.  I'll send an email later about

So much fun, so few pineapples.

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