[Boatanchors] Motorcycle & public service portable tube rigs?

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I will print this for reference when I am looking around
Fests for a couple of them.


> The hybrid models did have solid-state receivers.  However, the
> original "A" models had all tubes.  The hybrid versions were the
> D21BAT, D31BAT, D23BAT, and D33BAT for the mobiles and P21BAB,
> P31BAB, P23BAT, and P33BAT for the portables.
> Those were the original Motorola dispatcher radios and the very early
>  "Handi-Talkie" radios.  For example:  D21A, D21AAT, D31A, D31AAT,
> P21A, P21AAB, D23A, D23AAT, D33A, D33AAT, P23A, P23AAB, P33A, P33AAB.
> Most of the units used a 2E24 as the transmitter final amplifier.
> Those radios were too old to even consider reconditioning when I
> owned the Motorola reconditioned equipment center for the
> south-central United States (1970 - 1979 when Motorola went out of
> the reconditioned equipment business).  However, we did get a lot of
> those radios that were "traded in" on new equipment.  The radios were
> either destroyed or, during the mid to late 1970s, "ham saled" by
> Motorola every 3 to 6-months. Glen, K9STH
> Website: http://k9sth.com
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> Motorola (I think) and others made lunchbox size portable and
> motorcycle-mounted 2-way radios that used pencil and other
> low-voltage miniature tubes.
> Anyone remember manufacturers and models?
> Or is there a site I am not finding that lists them?
> Thanks!


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