[Boatanchors] Added Photos and a Price: FW: Seen on Craigslist

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Sun Aug 4 17:04:51 EDT 2013

WILDLY too much!
Rack stuff is generally given away or sold for nominal amounts.
I was just GIVEN an exciter with 811 final, 600W PS, and modulator with two 
838s ($50+ each on Ebay), speech amp and half bushel of spare tubes.
The exciter (xtal controlled, of course) is running fine and the rest is in 
line for trial soon.

The Craigslist  rack has a couple of ARC-5s and a triode final, a few 
hundred watts max, and an 813(?) final.
There's a PS with 866s and another with 816s.
There's a modulator, maybe with 811s, and a speech amp.
The modulation transformer is the most valuable part, but of course the 
whole thing could easily be put on the air, CW or SSB.
The ARC-5s might or might not be usable as VFOs.
The 240 looks very nice, so maybe $200-250 for it?
All together, $400 would be a generous offer, IMHO.

Just in case you haven't noticed, we old BA farts are rapidly dying off and 
there is almost NO recruitment of younger BA farts.
In a few years the market will be down to a very few collectors and families 
will be paying to have this sort of junk, sorry, etritus, hauled away.
I only know a couple of people under 60, and very few over, who have the 
slightest interest in keeping obsolete stuff working, let alone paying big 
bucks for it!
They certainly have no interest in sitting around listening to some 
malcontent use up 6-8 KHz, oops, KC, running AM!

BTW, I have some nice big transformers, chokes, and tubes for sale, HOHO.


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Hello All,

The seller added some pictures and a price:  $1500.  The radio looks to be a 
National 240D.


Again, I have no personal interest in the sale and do not know the seller 
other than email communication asking for the additional details.  I will 
admit to being tempted - but $1500 is too much for me at this point.

Best Regards,


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