[Boatanchors] ART-4 and GRR-1

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Mon Aug 5 02:15:54 EDT 2013


Does anyone have any info on this Tx/Rx pair? Even just the operating
frequency would be a help.

I have traced out the Tx and it uses 1/2 of a 3A5 as a VCO, and the other
1/ as a PA. The antenna is a chunk of hookup wire, about 6" long, but it
sits 1" or so from a largish ground plane.

The AN/ART-4 is a Tx that goes inside an aircraft towed target sleve for
AA guns to shoot at. The AN/GRR-1 is the receiver. I suspect there is also
a stripchart recorder of some type.

Does anyone even know if it's an Army or Navy system?




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