[Boatanchors] 12G8 - anyone gave the full tube specs?

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I put the two-part schematic for the Gonset Super-ceiver here:

That shows how the 12AT7 is currently being used.

If the triodes are used for separate circuit purposes, e.g. one side
for a BFO and the other for an audio amp, does it matter if they are

I'm not educated as to multi-section tube engineering so I don't
understand the value-added of "similar" unless they are somehow
working in tandem in a common circuit.


> It's not the same, or similar to the 12AT7.  The tube consists of two
> dissimilar triodes.  It is listed in the GE Essential Characteristics
> 1973
> <http://www.nj7p.info/Human_Valid.php?m=Common/Manuals/PDFs/Tubes/ge_essential_characteristics.pdf>.
> The manual can be downloaded at
> http://www.nj7p.info/Common/Manuals/Tube_Manuals.php (Large pdf file
> over 10Mb).
> Hope this helps.
> Jim N5MSJ


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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