[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: NOS Miller Adjustable Coils

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 25 21:39:28 EDT 2013

Hello All,

Still cleaning out some boxes...

I will list the values and quantities below.  Some of the boxes are fine, a few have boxes that have been squished in a bit on the ends.  For the squished boxes, I have unwrapped the coils and they have looked fine.  If I had more gumption I would at least test for continuity, but it's Sunday evening and I am a bit tired.

Here are the part numbers, values,  and quantities:

No. 4502  1 - 1.6 micro henry, 2

No. 4506  9 - 16 micro henry, 2

No. 4508  24 - 35 micro henry, 1

No. 4509  35 - 60 micro henry, 3

Note that these are just the 'posts' and do not include any shield enclosures.

I can pop them in the mail for the price of postage and packaging.  I imagine they could all fit into a small flat rate box if someone would like the entire lot.

If they are worth more than shipping costs, I would request you donate the difference to a worthy charity or someone who could use some extra help.

Best Regards,



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