[Boatanchors] Tuning Units

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Wed Feb 20 06:26:23 EST 2013

I have a couple of BC-610 tuning units.  The case of one has some rust, from storage, but both are fine inside.
Curiously, both are marked TU-61, although they are for different bands.
If they aren’t worth anything, I’ll take out the nice little variable caps, but it would be a shame to tear up such nice stuff.
So, is there a market for them, assuming we can figure out their bands?
Anybody around here want to suggest how to find out the band spec’s?
Yes, I have a GDO and can look at the output (buffer) tuned circuit with it, if no one has a better method, like going from the capacitor part numbers...

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