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Ken Simpson, W8EK kenw8ek at gmail.com
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Boatanchor and related items for sale:

Variac, Heath SWR Bridge, Bench Power Supply, Low Pass
TVI Filters, Communications Speakers, Coax Switches,
Wattmeter, Antenna Tuner, Callbooks, Antenna Connectors
and more

General Radio Model 200 B Variac:

Most of us know what a variac is.  This is a relatively
small one.  It has the markings on it, but I can not find
a current rating, but would guess it is in the amp to amp
and a half range.  Ideal for some of those small projects
where you don't want to drag a huge one out.

This one works fine, and includes the knob.  It is made
for panel mounting with three screws.

I checked that bay place and find these have sold for any
place from $35 to $89.  Buy this one for $20 plus shipping
from Florida.  It will fit in a USPS medium flat rate box.

Heath AM-2 HF SWR Bridge:

This HF SWR Bridge matches the DX-40, although it can be
used with any HF transmitter. It is about 8 inches wide
and 4.5 inches high, with the meter in the middle, and a
gray colored knob at each side near the bottom. It covers
160 thru 2 meters and will handle full power.

This particular unit works fine and is in very good shape.

Paper work is included for $25.

Kepco Variable Bench Power Supply:

This is an ideal bench power supply! It is a Kepco Model ABC
40-0.5, which means that it will produce from zero up to 40 V
DC at up to 1/2 amp. Great for the bench.

The voltage is adjustable with a 10 turn pot from close to zero,
up to about 40 volts. There is a fairly large analog meter that
reads the voltage. There is also current limiting built in that
is adjustable from about 100 ma to up to about 700 ma. The same
meter that reads voltage can be switched to read current, or
short circuit current (the point that the current limit is set).
In addition, there are connections on the back to allow remote
sensing and remote programming. This is a quality regulated
power supply!

This particular unit works 100%, and looks extremely nice.

These normally sell used for $125 to $150 (plus shipping).
Buy this one for $85.

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter to reduce
harmonic interference. All have SO-239 connectors, and are
50 ohm filters.

The first one works on 6 meters as well as HF:

Drake TV-1000
This filter may also be used on the low end of six meters,
as well as HF. It is good for 1000 W "average" below 30MHz,
and about 200 W up to 52 MHz. Works fine, looks ugly.
With paper work for $22.

Bencher YA-1, high power, low pass TVI filter
If you need a heavy duty filter for the output of your amplifier,
this one is ideal. It will take full legal power plus, and has at
least 80 db signal attenuation at TV channel 2. This one works
great, and is in its original box.
Bencher currently sells these for about $90. Only $60.

Bencher YA-1
As above, not in original box. $45

Johnson 250-20 Low Pass Filter
This is a 52 ohm cylindrical low pass filter with a cut
off frequency of 45 MHz and 75 db of attenuation.
It is rated to take 1000 Watts of AM, or 5000 Watts
PEP SSB. With mounting bracket. $30

B & W FL-10/1500
This filter cuts off just above 10 meters, and handles 1500
Watts. It is the latest model B&W filter.In very nice condition,
it looks close to new. $40

Para Dynamics PDC 1089
This filter is rated at a full Kilowatt, up to 30 MHz.
5 x 6 x 2 inch black box, instead of the more familiar long
enclosure. It looks like new. $25

Communications Speakers:

Realistic 21-549 A
This speaker is about 4 inches square and about 2 inches
deep. It is rated for 5 watts, has an 8 ohm impedance, and
is listed as a 300 to 3000 Hz frequency response, making it
ideal for communications. It has a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono
plug, as used by most modern rigs. Gimbal mount included.
It is black in color, looks great, and sounds great. $15

Vanco SPB-5
Appears to be the same at above, but with a Vanco label.
Also includes gimbal mount. $15

Coax switches:

B & W 550 A 2 Coax Switch
This coax switch will switch between two different coaxial
cables, such as two antennas, or switch one antenna between
two rigs. It has SO-239 connectors.
Although this one is an older switch, it is also more heavy
duty, and will easily handle 1500 watts.
This one is in its original box, and obviously works well and
looks great also. $22

Workman CX-3, three position coax switch
It looks new, also in its original box. $15

GC 2 position coax switch
This one looks like new, but no original box. $12

Coaxial Lightning Arrestor:

This lightning arrestor is made to be inserted in to
your coaxial feedline, to help reduce lightning damage.

Cushcraft LAC-1
No markings on this to confirm the model number, but it
looks like the Cushcraft "Blitz Bug".
It has an SO-239 on one end and a PL-259 on the other end
(female UHF on one end and male on the other).
Simply unscrew the PL-259 on your coax, insert this
lightning arrestor, and you are all set. $10

MFJ 949 E HF Antenna Tuner:

The MFJ-949E deluxe 300 watt Versa Tuner II gives you full
coverage from 1.8 to 30 MHz, with a peak and average reading
cross-needle SWR/power meter. It features a custom designed
inductor switch, 1000 volt tuning capacitors, Teflon insulation
washers and proper L/C ratio to ensure arc-free operation with
up to 300 Watts. MFJ's Cross-Needle Meter shows you SWR, forward
and reflected power simultaneously. It reads both peak and
average power on 300 or 30 watt ranges. A dummy load is built
in. It includes an 8 position antenna switch for the two coaxial
cables and one random wire or balanced line, in addition to
the dummy load.
It needs 12 V DC to illuminate the meter.

This is the current model that MFJ is selling. This particular
unit works fine, and looks great. With paper work for $95.

Wall Wart for above. $12

But both above for $105.

MFJ 815 B Cross Needle Peak Reading HF Wattmeter:

The MFJ-815B cross-needle meter allows you to monitor both
forward and reflected power, and SWR simultaneously. There
are buttons to select either Peak or Average reading and
power ranges of 200/2000 watts forward and 50/500 watts
reflected. Frequency coverage is 1.8 to 60 MHz, so it covers
6 meters in addition to the HF bands, making it ideal for
some of the new rigs that include 6 meters.
The peak reading function of this meter and meter light
require external 12 V DC.

This particular unit works fine, and looks very close to new.
With paper work for $65.

Ham Radio Amateur "Flying Horse" Callbooks:

All are in extremely nice condition, close to new,
unless listed otherwise.

1995 North American "US" Callbook with over
700,000 listings, including Canadian - $8

1981 Foreign "DX" Callbook - $5

1994 International "DX" Callbook - $5

Coax connectors and adapters:

Prices are per connector.
Several of each are available.
Most are unused.

SPECIAL: Buy 5 and take 10% off.
Buy 10 or more and take 20% off.

UHF Right angle 90 degree elbow connector $3

UHF double female "Barrel connector" $3

UHF "Bulkhead Connector" - Double female, as above, but for
mounting thru a window, siding, etc. about 3 inches long $6

UHF double male connector $3

UHF "T" connector with two female (SO-239) and one male
(PL-259) connection $5

Antenna adapter to fit the BNC connector on the HT
and provide an SO-239 connector that will permit
a PL-259 to be attached. (BNC male to UHF female) $5

UHF Male to BNC female $5

BNC male for coax cables
standard type $2
crimp on type $3

Chassis mount BNC female
square mount (uses 4 screws) $3
screw in type $3

BNC "T", two female and one male $3

I also have many other ham items available.  Please e-mail
me if you have specific needs.  I might be able to help you.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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