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This is solid wire, the guage #s should be the same as now.

The third letter "c" in the description stands for "covered."

The "s" and "c" in the middle position stand for "silk" and "cotton" respectively.

The "d" in the lead position means "double."

So, what you have are "double silk covered" and "double cotton covered."
I don't remember if there was a single-layered version.

I doubt that these insulations have been used for many years, however the enamel or plastic coverings used today are probably better insulators and more stable.

I am not much of a builder myself, but I would think that equivalent gauges of modern magnet wire would work fine if appearance is not an issue, perhaps with adjustment of turns spacing or the amount of wire used.

73, Mike n2mho in SNJ

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Does anyone know where I could find the specs for vintage magnet wire?

I have been looking at some radio construction projects from the 1930's 
and 1940's, and they call out wire types like #30 dsc, #20 dcc and so 
on. I would like to know if that is single of multi-strand, what the 
outer diameter is, and if the # corresponds to awg sizes.


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