[Boatanchors] Need ARC Type 12 Radio Set Documentation?

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 30 22:03:42 EDT 2013

Hello All,

I came across two documents:  

ARC Type 12 Radio Set Illustrated Parts Breakdown (T.O. 12R2-4-1-4, AN 16-45-123)
ARC Type 12 Radio Set Handbook Operating Instructions (T.O. 12R2-4-1-1, AN 16-45-121)

These are in their original (opened) manila envelopes and are dated around 1958.  While not in a 3-ring binder, they are in good condition and the pages are joined with large staples.

Pages are clean, although a bit dusty, and are flat with no stains/watermarks or folds that I can see.  Each document looks complete.

I am hoping a price of $12, including postage to CONUS, is reasonable.  

Any takers?

Best Regards,


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