[Boatanchors] S-38 pilot light

Moulton, Robert M - (rmoulton) rmoulton at email.arizona.edu
Sun May 26 19:39:41 EDT 2013

Hello all

Been a while since I've posted a question here, but I've been following the various projects.

I am working on an S-38C Run 2. I have recapped it, installed a polarized power cord, and have moved the switch to the neutral leg.

The problem I am having is w/ the pilot light. It is attached to the filament of the 35Z5 rectifier on one side and to line power thru a 15 ohm resistor on the other. It is a #47, 6.3 V bulb. Trouble is I get 120V at both the #3 pin of the 35Z5 and at the opposite end of the 15 ohm resistor. I understand that this design is a partial shunt from the heater of the rectifier tube and have not worked w/ one of these yet.

Any thoughts or ideas?



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