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Hi Bob,
Why did you move the switch?  I think it should be in the hot side, as soon 
as it comes into the chassis.
What you have done is make all the filament circuit hot, since you are 
breaking the circuit at the last possible point.

What's the reference for the voltage measurements, neutral?
The filament current is not great, so the drop across the resistor is not 
great, just 6V or so.
Try measuring across it.   If you see no voltage, then there's no current 
and something is not connected properly, or the light is burned out.

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Hello all

Been a while since I've posted a question here, but I've been following the 
various projects.

I am working on an S-38C Run 2. I have recapped it, installed a polarized 
power cord, and have moved the switch to the neutral leg.

The problem I am having is w/ the pilot light. It is attached to the 
filament of the 35Z5 rectifier on one side and to line power thru a 15 ohm 
resistor on the other. It is a #47, 6.3 V bulb. Trouble is I get 120V at 
both the #3 pin of the 35Z5 and at the opposite end of the 15 ohm resistor. 
I understand that this design is a partial shunt from the heater of the 
rectifier tube and have not worked w/ one of these yet.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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