[Boatanchors] FS Collins 75S-3 with 200 hz filter

Ben Loper brloper at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 12:35:58 EST 2013

I finally broke down and got a web page.  I am a beginner so I hope my page
improves.  I am listing some equipment. The 75S-3 works really well and I
included some pictures.  I just don't use it much and I have a 75S-3B.  I
have it on my page for $600 plus shipping, but I'm flexible on shipping.  I
just have too many other projects including work and home remodeling so I
need the room.  My web address is here www.KJ4CC.com
<http://www.kj4cc.com/> and
when I figure out how to insert my email, I’ll put it on my webpage until
then I’m always at this email.

Thanks Ben KJ4CC



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