[Boatanchors] [BoatAnchors] "Sweep Tube" That Can Handle 1 KV on Plate?

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Mon Oct 21 22:12:27 EDT 2013

I'd put an 811A in the PA slot and drive it with a modern xcvr of some sort.
You might even put an 811 in the osc slot and connect it in parallel with 
the PA.
Then a pair of 811s in the mod.
Sweep tubes aren't worth the trouble.
If you could find some dead tubes, you could make adapters from their bases. 
I just gave away a dead 838, but there are many 8008/872 etc, if you look 
Have you read the great stuff from 

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Is there such a thing as a sweep tube that can handle 1000 Volts
on the plate?   Best if it has 10 to 14 Volt filament, but will work
with other voltages.

73 DE Dave AB5S

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