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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Oct 22 09:29:06 EDT 2013


Homebrew CW transmitter 6CL6 and 2E26 tubes. Approx.15 watts. Buiilt in AC power supply 
and relay switching for antenna nd high voltage all built in. Has meter for plate current and all
typical conveniences. 1/4" jack for CW key, and SO 239 connectors for Antenna AND 
receiver. Uses advanced grid block keying so you can also use it with your keyer.
FT243 crystals may be plugged into the socket on the front. (added later after the picture 
below was taken.) 

Standard PI network output to antenna.  Stable, clean signal. Excellent and has made many 
contacts. Currently set up for 40m CW but may be easily changed to other bands such as 
80m, 30m and 20m by swapping out one coil. 120V AC operation. 

More pictures and details on request... Available for $60.00 plus shipping

TUBE ERA AC power supply. Nicely built classic homebrew point-to-point wired supply wit 
switches and pilot lamps.  Suitable for a medium sized or small sized transmitter up to about 
100 watts+ input. Made for 120V AC primary and has outputs of 500V DC at 200 mA and 
6.3V AC at 5 amps.
Pictures and details on request... Available for $40.00 plus shipping

CLEGG 99er 6m Transceiver - classic 5 watt AM Transceiver.
50 - 52 MHz. Has SO239 connector for antenna nad tunable receiver. 
120V AC operation. Very clean looking for its age.  Excellent condition with manual copy. 
See mic stand below...  See video also:
Pictures and details on request... Reduced to $75.00 plus shipping

Astatic Microphone stand UG type with cable. Has the 3-pin connection in top for a D104 or 
similar cartridge. Lovely flat black wrinkle paint base, clean and in superior condition.  Cable 
has connector for the CLEGG 99er listed above. Looks like this one:
(Stand only - no microphone is included) 
Pictures and details on request... Available for $15.00 plus shipping

MEISSNER Signal Shifter VFO model EX. This is the bandswitching VFO that actually can 
be used as a cool tube QRP transmitter and produces more than 5 watts from an 807 RF 
final tube.  This is a great looking example of one of the coolest little transmitter / VFO 
devices from the golden age of radio.

Has the normal, built-in power supply for 120V AC use. This is one of the nicest ones I have 
seen. Pictures and details on request... REDUCED TO $95.00 plus shipping

YAESU FL2100B LINEAR AMPLIFIER - 80m through 10m ham bands
Uses two 572B Tubes. 1200 watts p.e.p. input on 80 through 10m. 120V AC operation.
Comes with a copy of the manual. Pictures and details on request
Available for $500.00 plus shipping

73 de AF4K, Bry


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