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Hi wilson,
I have 2. Mine are branded Bell & Howell, but model # is Heathkit IO-10D. They are 5mhz solid state oscilloscopes. They're both in working order, but are in the process of being gone through. One is very close to completion & is working nicely with a very bright trace. I bought the 2nd one for parts,  but it worked so good that I decided it rejuvenate it as well. I'm just very slow or the project would be complete. I also start multiple jobs at the same time, which as you know, is a no-no. 
Finding the manual was a little tricky due to different versions (name branding,  lighted grid, etc). The manual for the Bell & Howell Schools version in broken down into three parts, due to the kit being shipped this way. I finally got the manual from "Vintage Manuals Inc". Very nice people to deal with, although not cheap. The manuals are clear, bright, easy to read, and spiral bound . 
Hope this helps. 
Good luck & if I can be of any further help, just let me know.

Perry KF5SMU

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Hello Wilson,

It's IO-10, not 10-10.

73, Bruce WA8TNC
Wilson wrote:
> Silly me, it's a Heathkit!
> Looks like an old Tek!
> WL
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> Does anyone have a book and/or experience with the model 10-10?
> Wilson
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