[Boatanchors] 6083, 8643, and 7094 TUBES for my newly acquired Globe Champion

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Perhaps the 829B would be a worthy contender?? It could be used in a similar fashion, to that proposed for the 5894, has similar ratings, and in my experience, it is more common than the 5894 and less expensive. It also uses the same socket, IIRC.
                           73 de Ron  n4gjv

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There was an article, in Electric Radio, sometime back, about modifying the Globe Champion to use 5894 tubes which are commonly available and considerably cheaper.  The 5894 uses the same socket as the AX-9909 and, when the 2-halves of the 5894 are put in parallel, the ratings are virtually the same as the AX-9909.  The main difference between the 2-tube types is that the 5894 requires separate plate connections whereas the AX-9909 plate connections are made in the tube socket.

I made the modification, which took about an hour, to my Globe Champion 350A.  One benefit, which may have something to do with the fact that the 5894 is designed for VHF/UHF operation, is that at the same plate input power, with the 5894 tubes, the transmitter puts out about 10-more watts.
Glen, K9STH

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Subject: [Boatanchors] 6083, 8643,    and 7094 TUBES for my newly acquired Globe Champion

I just acquired a WRL Globe Champion 350 transmitter I plan to totally restore.  It is missing the final AX-9909 tubes, so I need to find replacements.  I'd like to find a new pair of tubes.  It's my understanding good replacement choices for AX-9909 tubes are: 6083,8643,and 7094 types.  Anyone on here having a new pair at a reasonable price?  If so,  I'd like hearing from you and what you would want for them shipped.  (I'd consider some used ones if they were known to be as good as new.)
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