[Boatanchors] 29 MHz AM

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Sep 3 06:33:20 EDT 2013

10m sporadic E, trans-equatorial and other exotic modes can often be pretty hot during this 
time of year.  Even with a few watts, contacts can often be made.  Suitable crystals are 
available as follows:

I have a few each of these FT243s left (and numerous other 10m crystals that will work with 
almost any ham rig from the golden era of tube radio!)

29.000 MHz
29.010 MHz
29.020 MHz
29.040 MHz
29.100 MHz
29.120 MHz
29.160 MHz
29.172 MHz
29.180 MHz

Limited stock available - most of these are $14.00 each.

Some folks say not to expect much from 3 or 4 watts of AM on ten meters, but under the right 
circumstances I have made QRP contacts into central Asia and other spots on the opposite 
side of the globe with decent R5 signal reports each way. Those were with a converted CB 
rig, so would be similar power levels...


10m Crystals


73 de AF4K

Bry Carling

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