[Boatanchors] HP 606A Bites The Dust-Request Input

digital-conjurers at roadrunner.com digital-conjurers at roadrunner.com
Fri Sep 6 16:57:39 EDT 2013

My trusty old HP 606A sig gen has started blowing B+ fuses; am going 
through the troubleshooting list now, but I suspect that, since the set has 
never been properly recapped, that a bad (or several bad) electrolytics are 
the culprit.

Turned her on, halfway thru the slow-start warm-up (I have a thermistor in 
the AC line) there was a "pop" and, sure enough, it was the HV 
fuse.  Plenty of modulation, but no RF output, natch

Tried the old "electrolytic re-form with Variac start-up" routine over 
several hours with no success....and my Heathkit cap checker points to at 
least ONE bad electrolytic can...BUT:

Anyone have any experience with this issue on this particular rig that 
would point to a common problem besides the electrolytics? (There's a lot 
of these sig gens out there.)  Would like to keep it; the frequency range 
alone on it is worth the hassle of it's umpty-ump tubes.

Don't want to chase one problem when there might be others also causing 
this, and there's a vast knowledge base on this list.   Want to get the 
thing fixed right the first time. (The troubleshooting charts in the manual 
aren't gospel. :)

Thanks in advance,


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