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Wed Dec 31 10:27:40 EST 2014

Hello All,

They have a new home out west!

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From: w_b_morton at hotmail.com
To: boatanchors at puck.nether.net
Subject: Waste Not Want Not:  Qty 3 Hammarlund Variable Capacitors
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 22:16:22 +0000

Hello All,

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Within an estate purchase, I have found 3 identical variable capacitors made by Hammarlund.  Each capacitor has 2 identical sections.  The only identifying part number mark, besides an inspection stamp, is a label of 'CV-350'.

If you trust my hand-held capacitance meter, the full capacitance range is from ~40 to ~100 pf.  Of course it can be split approximately in half as there are 2 sections within the unit.

Pictures available here:  http://s1373.photobucket.com/user/greenhorn3/library/Hammarlund%20Variable%20Capacitor?sort=3&page=1

Note one of the units has a split in the rear retaining ring (circled in red, tough to photograph).  I can't pull the ring off with my fingers, so perhaps this will not present an issue.  Or maybe it will.....

All 3 can be yours for $7, shipped via USPS Small Flat Rate Box.  If they are worth any more than the shipping cost, I would ask you donate the difference to someone who could use a little help.  PayPal to w_b_morton at hotmail.com.

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