[Boatanchors] FS: VIKING I/II IRON

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Sun Mar 30 13:38:24 EDT 2014

I have one complete set of transformers and chokes for the Viking I/II 
series transmitters.  All checked out with the correct resistances shown in 
the manual.

T-1  HV transformer   $40 plus postage
T-2  MV and Filament transformer   $30 plus postage  (2 available)
T-3  Audio driver transformer   $15 plus postage
T-4  Modulation transformer   $30 plus postage
L-1  HV choke   $20.00 plus postage
L-2  MV choke   $15.00  plus postage   (2 available)
L-3  Bias choke   $10.00 plus postage

Sell all as a lot for $200 post paid
Thanks for looking,

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