[Boatanchors] Small Tube-Type FM Transceiver?

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
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Motorola actually had a battery pack for a 10-watt H31A-portable series that used 120-each "D" cell batteries!
During the time when I owned the Motorola reconditioned equipment for the south-central United States (from 1970 until Motorola went out of the reconditioned business in 1979), there were 3-such portable units that were received as trade-ins.  Basically, the units were more like "little red wagon" mobile units!  The relatively small portable unit sat on top of a very large battery box and, with the batteries installed, the unit was quite heavy.
Replacing the batteries was not an inexpensive procedure.  There was a NiCad option so that the "D" cells didn't have to be replaced often.  However, the ones that were received had carbon-zinc batteries installed and not NiCad batteries. Glen, K9STH

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Glen, we called the H models "Railroad Units" as that's where they were 
used originally in service.  I remember some came with the Bakelite 
telephone handsets with a snap-in cradle.  Robert W4RL


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