[Boatanchors] Question from an admitted 'Newbie'

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Tubes + a sore back after lifting it?  ;-)

Seriously, aren't the categories something like this?

"Modern" less than 25 years old
"Classic" 25 - 50 years old
"Boatanchor" 50 - 75 years old
"Antique" 75+ years old

David KD4E

> Tubes.
> WL
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> Is there any kind of general consensus on exactly what is or isn't a
> 'boatanchor'? I'm a 72 yo and BAs to me are the post-WW2 tubes sets made
> for the commercial (vice military) market on up to the advent and
> eventual dominance of the so-called 'solid state' rigs. It seems clear
> to me that others' definitions go back to a somewhat earlier time and do
> include re-cycled military gear. What is the general consensus, please.
> Bob AG5X


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