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Unless you are having some facts that I do not know about, that would seem
to fly in the face of what is known. Last year, there was the highest
quantity of hams licensed ever. What is happening is that most of these new
guys grew up in the digital era and are pretty much radio operators...not
experimenters, and they seem to be not  (at the swaps) interested in the old
stuff and homebrew related parts.

But, last year saw record attendance at Dayton and we (the CCA booths) were
busier than a cat on a hot tin roof.

I can tell you also that the Collins Collectors Association (CCA) has more
members than it ever has had in its 20 years and is still growing.  We do
see a lot of guys coming in that seriously ask "What is a tube?" or "How do
they work?"  . . .  but that is good, because they learn and the beat goes

And, personally, I have not noticed the bands getting any less crowded.


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Just curious.  Does anyone have any data on just how crowed the bands are?
What fraction of the band allocations are "busy" at any particular time.

The ranks of active hams seem to be thinning out.  Or am I wrong?

Saw an article somewhere that shows that the average age of licensed hams
keeps rising.  That is there are relatively few young people getting
licensed.  The few young people interested in a technical hobby seem to be
into computer gaming, overclocking, writing cell phone apps etc.

On 12/04/2015 5:33 PM, Bry Carling wrote:
> If you have an Extra yes CW US ALLOWED anywhere but quite a few areas you
will only have QSOs with other extras nowadays since everyone else has lost
some CW spectrum in recent years.
> If we are not vigilant they may well lose more.
> Best regards - Brian Carling
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>> On Apr 12, 2015, at 3:02 PM, Fuqua, Bill L <wlfuqu00 at uky.edu> wrote:
>>   I think CW is allowed anywhere in the band. RTTY years ago were
required to ID in CW.
>> 73
>> Bill wa4lav
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>> The ARRL digital committee is presently working on a proposal to 
>> present to the FCC to alter the segments where digital is allowed.  
>> Most of the proposal seems to be centered on 80 meters but there are 
>> other ideas included.
>> Currently the ARRL has a comment site for people to register their 
>> thoughts for or against.  If you recall a couple years back they went 
>> down the same road and the plan was so controversial it was scrapped.  
>> A similar proposal has now resurfaced and may be presented to the FCC.
>> If you wish to have a say to the ARRL, do it now, if not wait to see 
>> if they propose it to the FCC and they make decide on a Rule Making.  
>> You will then be invited to file a response to the rule making on the 
>> FCC site.  Sorry I don't have the link to the page where the ARRL has
asked for comments.
>> This was a topic of discussion in another group and maybe one of the 
>> members of that group still has the link.
>> Jim
>> W5JO
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>> One thing about the ARRL's bandplan is that it has no basis in law!  
>> What must be obeyed is what is contained in 47 CFR Part 97 Section
>> Also, the ARRL does not even follow their present bandplan wherein 
>> the frequency 7290 kHz is specified for AM operation and the ARRL 
>> broadcasts bulletins, using LSB, on that frequency every night!
>> There are all sorts of bandplans around the world and, among those 
>> bandplans, there are often conflicts.  As such, there is no universal 
>> bandplan.  Basically, a bandplan is a "gentlemen's agreement" and, 
>> often, gentlemen have different opinions! Glen, K9STH
>> Website: http://k9sth.net
>>       From: Bry Carling AF4K <bcarling at cfl.rr.com>
>> Are you aware of the new ARRL BAND PLAN?
>> Many of us use 7100-7125 kHz daily for CW.  They want to absurdly 
>> give it to RTTY! There is plenty of space already for RTTY. This is a 
>> BAD proposal! Spread the word and also send your comments to ARRL 
>> please! Copy your local League officials too.
>> If you haven't contacted the ARRL about this yet., please let them 
>> know your opinion about giving 7100 - 7125 MHz to RTTY!!! There may 
>> be other areas that interest you too.
>> Don't put it off. Please comment by APRIL 19th!!  You have a voice in 
>> this...
>> http://www.arrl.org/bandplan
>> http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-seeks-member-input-on-draft-hf-band-pla
>> n-proposals
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