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Mon Apr 13 18:16:13 EDT 2015

Glenn Wrote:

"Today's Amateur Extra Class written examination is pretty darn easy! Â 
Also, using the various "sample" tests, one acquires the ability to 
recognize the correct answer without have any understanding of the 
question. Â Since the correct answer, and all of the incorrect answers, 
MUST be presented on the examination papers using the exact wording as in 
the examples, the human brain very soon recognizes the correct answer. Â 
The only thing that is permitted is to vary the order in which the possible 
"answers" are presented on the examination papers. This is very unlike the 
General Class examination that I took in October of 1959. Â Instead of 
being multiple choice answers, one had to draw schematics, determine the 
value of things using memorized formulas showing your calculations on 
supplied "scratch paper", fill in the blank, etc. Â There were VERY few 
multiple choice questions. The old Advanced Class examination was multiple 
choice. Â However, one had to choose which components that were missing 
from schematics, calculate things, and so forth. Â For "grins", I worked a 
couple of the calculations using misplaced items in the formula and the 
"wrong" answer that I got was definitely one of the possible multiple 
choice answers. Â However, the General Class examination was considerably 
harder. The Amateur Extra examination was only harder than the Novice Class 
examination that I took in February 1959 because it had 50-questions 
instead of 20-questions!"


It was pretty much the same in 1980...I remember having to identify 
circuits and differentiate between Colpitt and other types of oscillators, 
etc etc.

Gotta keep those license numbers and national memberships up 
there...Newington doesn't function on nectar.  <sigh>

I ran a VHF Ham Help Net for 5 years until mid-2014; it had collapsed some 
time before, and no-one in the local club wanted to pick it up...it was 
dead for a good stretch of time.  So I jumped in, because Elmering and 
Mentoring are at the root of the whole thing.

I was very surprised when, in early 2014, a newbie came on the Net with his 
new Extra, fresh out of the envelope, and blatantly and honestly said 
(paraphrase) , "Well, I have my ticket and rig, but I really need to know 
the guts of the matter...how it all works and why. I really don't have a 
complete idea of the inner workings."

I just sighed silently and directed him to the club, and anything we could 
do for him on the Net, we did.

I still admire his candor.

There are those who know the subject, and those that know how to pass tests.

And we really need Elmers, more than ever.

73 DE Lin/KJ6EF

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