[Boatanchors] Getting out of the hobby,selling everything

mark depaepe n5yey at live.com
Sun Aug 9 16:12:28 EDT 2015

I have decided to get out of Amateur radio since I seldom have time for it. 
I would like to sell everything as a package at a reduced cost. I estimate the value of everything to be around $14,000
98 percent of the equipment is in good to very good condition physically. Most of the equipment is in working order, a few items are projects. All of this is located in East Texas close to Longview.  
$12,000 for everything. 
I would like to sell everything as one lot so at this time I am not going to sell any individual pieces.
I will provide photos to interested parties. 

Here is a list of the bulk of it.  

HealthKit sa2060 tuner
Alinco 40 amp 12v power supply
T4xb-4 2 working 2 need attention 
Tr4 non working
L4b like new, Harbach power supply rebuild
Ms4 with ps-3-3
Gonset g76 with power supply and spare txcvr
Ranger 1
Hallicrafters sx-28
Hallicrafters sx-146 ht-46
Gonset super converter 12-2
Pal vfo-2
Palomar vfo
HealthKit Pawnee-untested
HealthKit commanche/Cheyenne -2-need attention 
Hp-23 power supplies-2
National speaker
National nc-300
National nc-98
Hallicrafters sx-140
National nc121
Hallicrafters s-107
Hallicrafters ncx-5
National power supplies-2
Galaxy gt550 with power supply-project
National ncx-3 -2
Home brew 75m AM transmitter 2 811a driving two 4-65 needs mod transformer
Clegg VHF receiver 
WRL duo bander II
WRL duobander 64
One WRL power supply
HealthKit dx-40-project
HealthKit dx-60
HealthKit 75m mono band transceiver
Viking challenger
Globe Chief
Elmac AF-67-2
One Elmac power supply
Galaxy 5 with power supply-project
Ameco tx-62
National nc-173-project
Rme 45 receiver-project
Sommerkamp fr-100b-project
Gonset gsb-100
Hallicrafters ht-32
Several sets of tubes for Drake radios
Set of tubes for ranger 1
Spare set of 3-500's
Icom 737
Icom 751
Force 12 40m rotatable dipole 
Hustler btv-4
Hygain th7
Dx engineering speech processor for drake
A few external speech processors. 
All sorts of misc.
Several 100' runs of 7/8 helix
Several 250' runs of 1/2 super flex
Several helix connectors
CP 70cm satellite beam

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