[Boatanchors] Manual F.S.

wendell rushton w4zaa at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 24 17:16:20 EDT 2015

 Have For Sale the following:     TM  11-866 Army Technical Manual for:
                                                   Radio Receivers                                                     BC-779-A,-B; BC-794-A,-B;                                                   BC-1004-B,-C,-D; and R-129/U
                                                   Power   Supply Units                                                   RA-74-B,-C; RA-84-A,-B,  and  RA-94-A
                                                   Radio Sets                                                   SCR-244-A, -B;  SCR-704; and  AN/FR-4                                                   (Hammarlund  Super Pro Receivers)Dated: February  1948 94 pages Asking $18.00 w/ shipping
Windy W4ZAA

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