[Boatanchors] Tube Caddy Dividers

David Rossetti drossetti at comcast.net
Mon Feb 9 09:52:58 EST 2015

Like many of you, I have my share of old vacuum tubes. I have most of them
in old tube caddies, and keep them separated by type (large pin, locktals,
newer tubes [10 pin, novar, and compactrons], miniatures [7 and 9 pin], and
other [acorns, subminiatures, and nuvistors] and sorted in alpha numeric
order so I can actually find the tubes I have. Some of the old caddies had
dividers made of heavy card stock which makes it much easier to keep all the
tubes in order.

Does anyone know of a source for these dividers? 

Dave Rossetti
drossetti at comcast.net
410-279-0226 (mobile)

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