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I make my own.  Depending on the tube size and which compartment in your
caddy will be utilized, find or buy an appropriate card stock / hard
cardboard or whatever you choose to use for dividers. Since the compartments
are typically longer than most chunks of heavy cardboard, I usually will
"sub-divide".  Once you've settled on the material, the next step is to
either use an existing divider as a "model" or just take measurements so you
have the correct height, length, and width...plus the distance between the
slots you will be cutting for the "egg crate".  For most of the divider
materials I use, I simply make a slew of the "short" lengths and 'long'
lengths.  To cut the slots I  clamp a bunch together, use my "model" to mark
the slots to get the correct spacing and depth, firmly clamp the bunch to a
worktable, workbench, and then cut the slots with a saw or weapon of your
choice. After many tools, knives, etc, I finally settled on using a saw, in
my case it happens to be band saw...could have used a jig saw...or hack saw.
A saw with fine teeth cuts a better slot and if your dividers are clamped
properly, isn't "racking" your material when you cut.

YMMV...hard to screw this job up. :-)


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Like many of you, I have my share of old vacuum tubes. I have most of them
in old tube caddies, and keep them separated by type (large pin, locktals,
newer tubes [10 pin, novar, and compactrons], miniatures [7 and 9 pin], and
other [acorns, subminiatures, and nuvistors] and sorted in alpha numeric
order so I can actually find the tubes I have. Some of the old caddies had
dividers made of heavy card stock which makes it much easier to keep all the
tubes in order.

Does anyone know of a source for these dividers? 

Dave Rossetti
drossetti at comcast.net
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