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Bruce Long coolbrucelong at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 14:01:27 EDT 2015

Request asked of fellow forum members:  Please vote for my company. Hello:I have a request to make to fellow fourm members.  My company, Momentum Dynamicsis a semi-finalist in the SAFE energy security prize http://secureenergy.org/projects/energy-security-prize   contest. Momentum Dynamics is a technology startup developing the technology andbusiness structures required to enable wireless charging of electric vehiclesby means of resonant induction.Wireless charging will accelerate the acceptance of electricvehicles by enabling opportunity charging. Consider a vehicle with a fixed route such as an airport delivery truck,an airport shuttle bus or a campus loop bus. A charging station consists of aflat coil of wire and associated electronics mounted upon or flush with theroad surface.  There is a second flatcoil mounted underneath the vehicle. When making a scheduled stop the vehicle parks over the charging coil.  Electrical energy is transferred from theground side coil to the vehicle coil by means of magnetic induction thereby chargingthe vehicle battery while the vehicle is picking up or dropping off riders orpackages.  During a typically short stop thevehicle receives enough of a charge to travel to the next scheduled stop.  In this way the battery charge level is maintainedthroughout the day.  With proper design,the electric vehicle can operate 24/7/365 with excellent battery life becausethe battery is never deeply discharged. In some applications it is possible toreduce the vehicle battery size greatly reducing the vehicle weight and cost.  Autonomous vehicles benefit because wirelesscharging enables those vehicles to not only drive themselves but to charge themselvesas well.Personal vehicles will also benefit from wireless chargingby receiving fast easy charges at home, at work and at commercial retailoperations.  Stop for bread and milk onthe way home from work and get a useful range extension from a fast wirelesscharge.  Eventually wireless charging of vehicles in motion will bepossible by placing a sequence of wireless charging coils in series in the roadsurface. Dynamic in-motion charging combined with autonomous vehicles will makepossible a revelation in ground transport. Dynamic charging is an area ofactive and increasing research in Asia and Europe.Momentum Dynamics currently has two shuttle type buses indemo trials and has a working wireless charger that operates at 50 kW withbetter than 90% efficiency.  We haveseveral other high visibility trial or demo projects underway.First prize in the contest is $125,000 USD which MomentumDynamics will use to hire another engineer to speed our path to market. Theresults of the internet voting constitute about 20% of the points thatdetermine the contest winner.  Pleasetake a moment, go to the web site listed above and place your votes forMomentum Dynamics.  Multiple votes are acceptedso use your home computer, your work computer, your phone and any otherconnected internet device you might have. And don’t forget to ask your familyand friends to vote for Momentum Dynamics as well. Voting is open through July27th.  The winner will beannounced on July31st.A moment of your time willsignificantly help the success of my company, make the environment a littlecleaner and reduce American dependence upon foreign oil.In full disclosure as an employeeand co-founder of Momentum Dynamics with equity I will benefit financially fromMomentum Dynamics success.   I apologize toforum members or moderators that object to this solicitation.
Thank guys   bruce  kj3z


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