[Boatanchors] Will Trade Tablet & 2/440 HT for HF Rig

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Thu Jul 9 22:27:45 EDT 2015

Offered in Swap/Trade:

SAMSUNG TAB 2 7" GT-3113TS tablet.

Our daughter used it lightly then announced that she will
need a true laptop for college.
Includes a nice case with integral keypad.

Tablet is like this one:

Case/keyboard is like this:

Also included is the charger.

AND ...

BAOFENG UV-82 2/440 HT (lightly used w/protective plastic
still on display).

WANTED: Something for HF SSB. (Traded my best rig for a car then
sold my backup for repairs.) Need a transmitter or a transceiver
(transceiver preferred for simplicity, but I do have an Elmac
PMR-6a receiver I can use), and must either work with a Heath
HP-23A PS or include a PS (if 12vdc I have a PS for that). Prefer
160-10m but 80-10m considered. WARC coverage, esp. 17m, sure would
be nice. Must be in good working order but doesn't have to be pretty.
Homebrew is fine. Solid state, hybrid, or all tube is fine.

CASH: I may be able to add a little cash, perhaps cover shipping,
depending on the rig.


*David* KD4E
ARES-EC Bulloch County, Nevils, Georgia USA

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