[Boatanchors] Unusual BC-221

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Congrats on your find, Dave! 
The BC221, etc, can also be used as a very stable VFO, to drive a xmtr.
                73 de Ron

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 Interesting. Most BC-221 were
 originally battery powered and later converted with
 makeshift AC power supplies. Your's obviously was AC powered
 from the get-go. There were over 25 different different
 models made by a slew of different manufacturers for use
 during WW II. Few of them had a modulator. 
 I have found the BC-221 to be a very useful while nostolgic
 piece of test equipment. As long as you have an idea as to
 roughly what frequency you are beating the signal agsinst
 (generally not a problem), it can be used to accurately tune
 transmitters and receivers to a specific frequency. It can
 even be used to align IF frequencies eliminating the need
 for a frequency counter and RF signal generator. 
 Thanks for sharing. 
 Dave Rossetti
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 </div><div>Subject: [Boatanchors] Unusual BC-221
 </div>This unusual BC-221 followed me home from a
 hamfest a few years ago. The 
 guy practically begged me to take it.
 I just got it out of storage a few days ago.
 I have never seen one like this and don't find any model
 numbers on it.
 I did have it on the bench and it works.
 Attached are some pictures.
 Anyone seen one like this? Comments?
 Tnx and 73,
 Dave N7RK
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