[Boatanchors] [Heathkit] 2015 NOVICE RIG ROUNDUP RESULTS!

Chris Kepus ckepus at comcast.net
Mon Mar 9 13:34:30 EDT 2015

Bry, I just finished reading your NRR Soapbox page.  Man, what a fun read.
I missed the NRR this year because of knee surgery during the same period.  

I won't miss next year. !! :-)

The real purpose of this message, however, is to congratulate you and your
co-conspirator(s) (please forward this message to them).  I know what a
daunting task it is to bring forward a new idea like NRR, establish format,
rules, yadda, yadda, consistently hype and advertise it across many venues,
execute it on time and on plan, and follow up appropriately.  Didn't mean to
overdo the above list...it is only to acknowledge and underscore the
incredible effort needed to make this happen. 

You and your team did a great job.  The Soapbox comments are truly
indicative of the enjoyment this event generated and how it rekindled
memories of the magic of one's first experiences in ham radio.


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