[Boatanchors] Any Builders out There?

Steve Mulder smulder3 at cox.net
Sun Nov 8 18:14:10 EST 2015


I'm working my way up to being a builder. I spend a lot of time studying 
the schematics of 30's 40's & 50 gear, and I have been collecting parts. 
I refurbished enough AM/FM/SW radios to hide the pool table, and sold 
them all in one lot to make room for more. I have a stack of receivers 
and transmitters that I haven't got to yet, and I currently have the 
covers off a Zenith AM/FM and a Drake 2B.

I have a collection of 807s, 6AG7s, 6L6s and various other tubes, 
variable capacitors, transformers, insulators, analog gauges etc. My 
wife thinks I'm a hoarder. And yes, I am a little afraid of any power 
supply that I built or repaired myself.

I'm fairly new to Ham radio, but it's my plan to eventually have a 
working rig that is all home built. The repair work I have been doing is 
really just educational. Once I have an old radio working, I don't have 
much use for it anymore.

I built one receiver from scratch. It was a regen based on this article:

I was able to listen to some foreign broadcasts, SSB & CW with it. I 
suspect it's an effective transmitter too, so I don't use it anymore.

If anyone lets you know about any retro equipment builder’s/operators 
groups or lists, please pass that info along.

You have my sympathy.

Best regards,


On 11/3/2015 12:04 PM, Wilson wrote:
> Apparently I have suddenly become old, or at least realized that I have.
> I know dozens of hams, but I think I am the only one actually using anything HB, with the
> exception of a nice 1929 Hartley or two.
> A good bit of my stuff was built (or misbuilt) by others, but I’ve rescued it from oblivion and made it work properly.
> I enjoy making things work more than I like fighting pileups, but I do do some DXing and some ragchewing.
> So who’s out there with HB gear, TX or RX?
> Who uses 4-125s, 813s, 810s, 807s, 866s, 814s, 6AG7s, 6L6s, or V-70s?
> Who’s afraid of their power supply?
> Any receiver builders (my weak point)?
> Along with my boatanchors (Signal Shifters, 310-Bs, HROs, Drakes, Hammarlund, Heaths) I have some real ship anchors!
> Also transformers I can’t pick up and gobs of small transformers and chokes.
> Anyone with ideas about how to get rid of this stuff (when the time comes) so my heirs won’t have to?
> Is there a retro equipment builder’s/operators group or list out there anywhere?
> I could use some sympathy.
> Wilson
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