[Boatanchors] FS: Gonset G50 AM Transceiver

Bry Carling AF4K bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Nov 13 07:33:50 EST 2015

FOR SALE:  Gonset G50 AM Transceiver

A much sought-after 6m AM base rig for 50 MHz radio fans! EXCELLENT CONDITION. 
Restored and tested. Supplied with a PDF manual.

Frequency Range: 50.00 - 54.00 MHz (VFO or crystal (f/6) controlled)

Mode: AM with RF power output of 25 - 30W (50W DC input)

Selectivity: 6db at 7kc

S+N/N: 6db with 2uV input

12 Tubes:
V1 6AU6 Transmitter VFO tripler
V2 6AQ5 Transmitter frequency doubler
V3 6146 Transmitter RF power amplifier
V4 12AX7 Transmitter microphone amplifier & transmitter/receiver audio amplifier
V5,V6 6L6GB Transmitter AM modulators.
V7 6BZ6 Receiver RF amplifier
V8 6U8 Receiver 1st mixer & oscillator
V9 6BE6 Receiver 2nd converter
V10 6BH6 Receiver 455 kc IF amplifier
V11 6AV6 Receiver 2nd detector, AVC protector, and receiver 1st audio amplifier
V12 6AL5 ALC, squelch limiter
Power source: 117V AC

Looks excellent.  From a silent key. Partial reassembly required. Nothing major.
It's all there. You will need a microphone and antenna. Will make a great winter project.

Pictures and details on request.

Available for $65.00 plus shipping.
(Add a crystal for 50.4 MHz for $15.00)

73 - Brian Carling, AF4K


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