[Boatanchors] historical question who many running CW compared to the 60s?

john johnmb at nc.rr.com
Mon Nov 30 17:12:23 EST 2015

I operated in the contest casually this past weekend and always find it 
fun. There's some really good ops out there and it's a pleasure to 
listen to them work a pile. There was also a lot of them, which was fun 
to hear.

40m in the evening hours US time is an practical study in dynamic range 
handling. I've got a Omni VI+ with 250hz filters on the IF's and I could 
still use more filtering.  Trying to pull out a s0 signal from the south 
pacific immediately adjacent two east coast stations running 60 over 
from 500 miles away is a challenge.

Yes a lot of the CW is sent by rig, but I suspect most all the ops are 
using the wet filter to copy the info. It's fun to listen to them when 
they're in the groove running three or more contacts / min.

I suspect the folks at CQ could tell you the number of calls found in 
logs, but that can't normalize the comparison between now and 1960.

John K5MO

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