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and in the meantime   the old info is not  avail   I  guess?

(in the old country  we  would leave the old up  and  work the new up in a 
test environment then  once tested throw  the  switch...  not  pull down 
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The  following was taken from the edebris site late last week.

BAMA  Development

As the submissions of manuals grow and grow, I have not  been able to keep 
up with the influx of manuals. So, I have decided to rewrite  the BAMA web 
site. This new site will include multiple administrators. We will  soon have 
a select team of manual curators for this archive. 

Expect  additional information about this effort in the fall of 2015. I 
want the new  site to be online in the spring of 2016. 

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