[Boatanchors] FS: Hickok 605A Tube Tester

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Sat Sep 12 21:04:20 EDT 2015

That sure is a versatile piece of test gear:


"605 has multi-tester which also measures voltage, current,
resistance, capacitance and inductance"

"Tests most common tubes except compactrons and nuvistors"

David KD4E

> Hello All, I read through all of the replies to my earlier 'another
> store closes' email and I would like to do my part to support a new
> hobbyist or a club/association in their acquisition of equipment. I
> have a Hickok 605A that is surplus to my needs and is looking for a
> new home.  Photos can be seen here:
> http://s1373.photobucket.com/user/greenhorn3/library/Hickok%20605A 
> Functionally, it was checked out a few years ago by William Waters,
> the 'Hickok Doc' ( ts6550 at yahoo.com , 301-473-5950 ), and has worked
> fine for me.  As you can see in the pictures the outer case will not
> win any beauty pageants but the control panel is pretty clean. I have
> attached the edited email chain relating to the work that was done.
> The excerpt is found between the chain of asterisks (*). I am not
> looking to get rich by selling this and I am certainly not looking to
> make anyone bust a budget.  Would $150, including USPS pack/ship, be
> ok?  If you want to pay more, feel free to donate the difference to a
> worthy cause.  I will include any of the original paperwork that I
> can find as well. Thank you for your consideration. Best Regards, 
> William


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