[Boatanchors] For sale, Hammarlund HQ-129 and Hallicrafters S-27

Wally Gibbons wally.gibbons at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:42:09 EST 2016

I have for sale these two receivers. Here's the price: Free.

You must come get them. I will not ship them. If you do, to sweeten the
deal I'll probably throw in some other stuff for you to haul away. I have
several Leader 100 Mhz dual trace scopes in poor condition. Poor because
they came out of a damp storage shed and you can not believe how bad and
intermittent the switches and controls are, but they do work and show
response to inputs, nice bright beams. And I have a couple of HP function
generators, solid state, with minor dirty switch and control issues.

Oh, the S-27 works, sound great. But I just don't need it and I"m turning
62 next week and it's time to thin the herd. Don't need the money, or the
hassle of shipping.

The HQ129 status is unknown. It belonged to a friend of mine. He re-capped
it, used it for several years, and then went through a divorce, and two or
three house moves, and the radio sat for a couple of years in an unheated
garage on cement. The bottom is rusty. Inside is pretty good. There is an
extra hole in the front panel which was there when I got it.


Wally Gibbons, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah

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