[Boatanchors] Harvey Wells part needed, TBS-50 Senior

Wally Gibbons wally.gibbons at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:49:15 EST 2016

I've been restoring a nice Harvey Wells Bandmaster to use on 80 meter AM
here in northern Utah. Finally got the transmitter up to snuff. Wired up a
carbon mic, and tried modulation, and the plate tuning capacitor began to
put on a arcing display.

Upon inspection, I found the rotor isn't centered in between the stator
plates. The gap is more in the area of 75%/25%. Thus the arcing with

It's been suggested that I move the high voltage off the PA tank and just
apply to the plate of the 807. I'll try that to see if the arcing will
stop, but I'd rather find a replacement.

If you have a junker Bandmaster, or a 140pf small variable capacitor (I'd
take even higher values, can't see why it won't work) that's about 2.5
inches deep, panel mount, I'd be interested in talking to you about getting


Wally, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah

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