[Boatanchors] Phone plug for VTVMs and VOMs

rgroh at swbell.net rgroh at swbell.net
Sun May 29 13:09:41 EDT 2016

Lost the email but a month or so ago, someone was looking for a phone plug which had a somewhat wider band of insulation between the tip and body. This type of plug was used on probe's (where they plugged into a meter) to give a bit higher breakdown voltage. 

I do have some of those so email me if you need one.
As an additional comment, I visually examined about 10 of those phone plugs - some with the narrow insulation band and some with the wider insulation band.  ALL of them seem to have (again just a visual inspection) identical lengths - from the base of the plug body to the tip of the plug.  The wider insulation does not make the probe longer.  

Bottom line: you don't need the special wider insulation version - the regular will work nicely .... unless of course it breaks over on high voltage. 

73Bob, WA2CKY

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