[Boatanchors] FS: BC-348 and Well Gardner RAO-3 (i.e. National NC-101XA with mods)

Bob Groh bob.groh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 15:17:47 EDT 2016

Well, going old(er) is a bummer.  Continuing to try to deal with reality -
I have too many receivers and will never ever get to some of them.  Plus
some of them weigh so much (and, yes, I am referring to the RAO-3) that I
can barely handle them.  So a killer deal here if you want them - how about
$20 for BOTH of them!

The catch (you knew there would be a catch) is that I absolutely will NOT
ship them or box them or anything like that.  You have got to pick them up
here at my house (just east of Kansas City, Missouri, right on I-70). Yeah,
sorry about that.  And please don't tell me about ways I can take them to
UPS, etc, etc.  Nope.  You need to pick them up or have a friend pick them

I have a few pictures of each of them which I can send you.  The BC-348 is
in decent shape - someone did start working in the dynamotor area but
otherwise looks decent.  The RAO-3 is also in decent shape - someone had
hooked in a set of audio (??) cables and bottom covers are missing.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY (address is in QRZ and Callbook).

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