[Boatanchors] [BULK] Wavetek 3000 Signal Generator Parts Wanted

Alan Gutfrucht agutfruc at chicagobooth.edu
Thu Sep 8 21:37:45 EDT 2016

Hello All,

Success! Sprayed deoxit and re-seated all the (socketed) IC's on the M32
module and she is working. This thing is a maintenance bear. My third time
into it in three years. Now, back to work on my boatanchors. 

Alan, WB2FZC

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Hello All,


My Wavetek 3000 has crapped out on the MHz selection and gives erratic
results throughout its range. No PLL lights are lit. Checked the M32A
voltages per the service manual and they are non-conforming. 


I am looking for a couple of modules from a donor Wavetek 3000. I would like
to swap out the M32A and the M172 modules. Does anyone have anything to


I would also entertain a purchase of a complete donor unit for future
anticipated problems.


I believe that the 3001/3002 modules are identical.


Thanks, Alan, WB2FZC



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