[Boatanchors] Heathkit HG-10B VFO

Lee L at w0vt.us
Thu Sep 8 21:59:41 EDT 2016

I'm slowly acquiring more stuff to set up my original as well "always 
wanted" Novice stations.  One of the items I'm acquiring is a Heathkit 
HG-10B VFO.  I sure want a VFO but this particular HG-10B is close to 
being a junker parts VFO.  The main flaw with this one is the dial 
lens/bezel.  It's cracked and looks terrible.  I realize the lens/bezel 
is almost unobtainium. However, is there a slim chance someone on here 
has a lens/bezel for either a 10 or 10B I might procure?  Maybe even 
another junker I could purchase to rob the item in need.  Otherwise, I 
even thought maybe it would be possible to accurately cut out the old 
clear lens from the bezel and then "tack" a new plexiglass lens into the 
existing bezel.  Has anyone attempted trying to do this? I also realize 
buying a nicer VFO would be, at least time wise, a better option then 
trying to make perfume out of a sows ear, but that includes common 
sense.  To make things worse, the dial drum is also cracked.

At any rate I'm knee deep in restoring old Novice equipment right now.  
Transmitters (I just rewound a power transformer for a Drake 2-NT. ) 
Restoring an electronic TR switch, restored a couple receivers including 
a hallicrafters S-38C like I had in 1953 as a Novice.  I replaced every 
cap in the S-38C as well as every resistor because every one of them was 
out of tolerance.

So at the moment I'll look for a HG-10B lens/bezel, maybe attempt to fix 
my old one or most likely have to look for a better candidate to 
restore.  If I was smart, I'd just look for another nicer one.  But 
then, I'm a dumb OB that never learns from his past mistakes.  I really 
would be interested, though, in hearing from anyone who might have 
attempted to replace the old lens in the built in plastic bezel.  I know 
the replacement drums are available but it sure would be nice if someone 
made the lens/bezels today.  Just think, if someone invested $1000 in 
the project he could most likely sell 10 of them!

Maybe there are other dummies out there like me.  Tell me I am alright 
and not alone!

Lee, w0vt

Coldspring, Texas

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